James Blunt's costly quit

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  • 27 September 2008
James Blunt

James Blunt's costly quit

'You're Beautiful' singer James Blunt has promised to give up his music career if he is paid enough

James Blunt has promised to give up singing if he is paid enough.

The 'You're Beautiful' singer would have no problem ditching his music career if he is offered enough money, but until that time comes he will continue releasing records.

He said: "If someone is prepared to pay me enough, I'll stop."

Despite his frank admission, the 34-year-old crooner pleaded with the public to give his music a chance.

Although his debut album 'Back to Bedlam' sold 11 million copies worldwide, the singer has been accused of making dull and uninspiring tunes thanks to his penchant for ballads such as 'Goodbye My Lover'.

He added to Uncut magazine: "If someone puts some chocolate cake in front of you and you don't like it, but there's some cheesecake to the right, would you start screaming at the chef?

"Just eat the cheesecake without calling the chef the Antichrist."

Earlier this year, James slammed the music industry for being "judgmental" and obsessed with what is "cool".

He said: "I'm in the most judgmental industry in the world, and yet I'm supposed to be in an industry that deals with something true. The music industry doesn't give a stuff about music as a connective medium, it just cares about who's cool and who's not cool, and 'Can we get played on the radio station', and 'Is he the kind of person we want playing on that radio station?' "

James Blunt

The polite ex-squaddie troubadour returns with a new album The Afterlove.

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