My Tiny Robots (4 stars)

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 31 Jan


Edinburgh four-piece My Tiny Robots have been knocking about the live scene in the capital for some years now, and it’s been time well spent. They’ve built up a formidable clutch of songs that could well see them finally get the break they deserve in 2007.

Unlike many of their local peers, they’ve applied a genuinely healthy degree of eclecticism to their writing. Rolling country arpeggios clash with a menacing synth in the gloomy ‘Other People Matter’. Multi-layered ‘hoo-hah’ vocals, meanwhile, make for an inspired touch in the brilliantly titled ‘Kenny Rogers (Scent of a Woman)’ - the closest example you’ll find of an indie rock paean to Ennio Morricone.

Their most formidable tune comes in the form of tremendously infectious pop loll ‘The Haircut Song’ - singer Dylan Childs’ homage to cutting his own mop. Something that, if all goes well in the next 12 months, he might not be forced to do quite so often.