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  • The Midgie
  • 1 October 2008
Roddy Woomble

Roddy Woomble

As the hub of Scottish alternative music, it can be hard to walk the streets of Glasgow without bumping into internationally renowned musicians. So who better to point us towards the action? The Midgie spoke to four icons of the scene about their favourite place in the city.

Roddy Woomble

'My favourite place in Glasgow’s a restaurant called No. Sixteen. It’s a little neighbourhood bistro of the kind you find more easily in European cities than in Scottish ones - an unpretentious place with incredible food. It’s a Scottish restaurant which uses local ingredients, there’s a really nice atmosphere and they serve good wine. There are so many restaurants in the city and there’s real competition to make sure yours is the one everyone wants to go to, so it’s nice to find these older places thriving. A similar restaurant is the Ubiquitous Chip, which has been around for years but keeps a loyal fanbase. Kind of like a good band.’
Roddy Woomble is the lead singer of Idlewild. His new album Before The Ruin, with Kris Drever and John McCusker, is out now. www.idlewild.co.uk

Manda Rin

‘Stereo on Renfield Lane is an absolutely tremendous place, I could spend all afternoon there having a nice lunch, or drinking lots of fancy wine in the evening. I go into town on the train a lot, and it’s very handily right next to Central Station. Plus there’s a really great venue downstairs – I’ve not got round to playing it yet, though, which is a rare thing for me and a Glasgow venue. They’ve also got free Wi-Fi, which is why I spent so long in there the other weekend doing the artwork for my next single on my laptop. It’s such a relaxing place though, you can just sit there reading a book or drawing all day if you want. And the food’s amazing, it’s vegan – I’m not even vegetarian, but I’d consider going back on that after eating in there. I love it.’
Amanda McKinnon is the former singer in Bis. Her debut solo album as Manda Rin My DNA is out now. www.myspace.com/musicmandarin

Kev Sherry

‘My current favourite place in Glasgow’s the area I moved to in the last six months, in Yorkhill. There’s a wee Bermuda Triangle of pubs just off Dumbarton Road, including the Goat and Firebird, both of which I particularly like. Firebird’s the best for food, and a lot of my mates’ bands play in the Goat. The area has the coolness of the west end without any of the pretension of Byres Road. It also has possibly the best Indian takeaway in Glasgow, the Banana Leaf, which seems to be fairly unknown outside the area. It’s a real hidden gem though, because all the
guys who work in the other local takeaways go there to eat.’

Kev Sherry is the lead singer in Attic Lights, whose debut album will be out later this year. www.myspace.com/atticlights

Emma Pollok

‘Whenever anything good happens to me I go to the Battlefield Rest on the Southside to celebrate. It’s a great Italian restaurant which has been going for years – it actually used to be the old tram stop, so you always get a window seat because it’s on an island in the middle of the road. That sounds terrible, but it’s not, you get so much light in and you can see everyone outside going about their day. It’s always bustling and noisy, and it doesn’t cost a bomb either. I’d also recommend the Brooklyn Café, which has been going for donkeys. It’s just a classic Glasgow café which makes its own ice cream, a bit of an upmarket greasy spoon. That’s one thing it’s hard to find in Glasgow these days, a greasy spoon – the sort of place you can get a fried breakfast for two quid.'
Emma Pollock is the former lead singer of The Delgados. Her solo album, Watch the Fireworks is out now. www.myspace.com/emmapollock

See for yourself: Venue details.

Ubiquitous Chip • 12 Ashton Lane, 0141 334 5007, www.ubiquitouschip.co.uk, Mon–Sat 11am– midnight, Sun 12.30pm–midnight.
Stereo • 20-28 Renfield Lane (F4), 0141 222 2254, www.rottenrow.co.uk/stereo, open daily noon-midnight.
Battlefield Rest • 55 Battlefield Road, 0141 636 6955, www.battlefieldrest.co.uk, Mon–Sat 10am–10-pm, closed Sun.
Brooklyn Café • 21-23 Minard Road, 0141 632 3427, Mon–Sat 8am–7pm, Sun 9am–7pm.
Firebird • 1321 Argyle Street (A2), 0141 334 0594, www.firebirdglasgow.com, Mon–Thu 11am–midnight, Fri & Sat 11am–1am, Sun 11.30am–midnight.
The Goat • 1287 Argyle Street (A2), 0141 357 7373, www.thegoat.co.uk, Mon–Sat 11am–midnight, Sun noon–midnight.
The Banana Leaf • 76 Old Dumbarton Road (A2), 0141 334 4445, Mon-Fri 2pm-11.30pm, Sat noon-11.30pm, Sun 10am-11.30pm.
Number 16 • 16 Byres Road (A1), 0141 339 2544,


1. Hungry still15 Jan 2009, 6:47pm Report

Looking to eat? Give Banana Leaf a miss!

I cannot express how disappointed I was with my recent meal from Banana Leaf. I had read rave reviews about this restaurant/take-away and was eager it out. However, when my husband and I ordered a meal for home delivery we were left hungry and angry – not a great combination.

We ordered at 7pm (the time that Banana Leaf opens for home deliveries) and had to wait a massive 1 hour and 40 minutes for our food to be delivered. Although we thought this took far too long, we had heard that the food was worth waiting our and so we willingly paid £21 for our meals when our dinner finally arrived.

Unfortunately, my main meal was not included in our delivery and neither was the rice that accompanied my husband’s meal. We called Banana Leaf who told us that it was too late (9pm at this point) for them to send out replacements and that we could have the cost of my meal refunded from our next order. We explained that after the long wait and disappointment of having no dinner on a Saturday night we would not be ordering from them again and requested a refund on the cost of my meal. The staff at Banana Leaf refused, but said that the manager would call me the next day.

As the manager made no attempt to contact me the next day, I called him. He did not apologise but said he would post us out a cheque the following day. His tone was unconvincing to say the least and five days later I have not received, and don’t expect to receive, any refund for the money we spent in good faith.

Aside from the fact that my meal never arrived, my husband’s was cold and was delivered in a cracked Tupperware that had leaked most of its contents into the carrier bag.

The staff at Banana Leaf were incredibly unhelpful and seemed to have no concept of customer service. As far as I am concerned, by keeping my money they are stealing.

We have been bitterly disappointed by this overall experience and are furious about the shocking level of customer service we have received. I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy and urge those considering visiting this restaurant to think again. It is definitely one to be missed!

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