Belle and Sebastian Wish You Were Here

  • The Midgie
  • 1 October 2008
Queens Cafe

Scotland’s favourite twee pop superstars invite you on a picture postcard tour of their home city, glorious Glasgow.


‘One of the quietest and most beautiful spots in Glasgow, not so much hanging with the dead but just hanging with yourself. Well, they say when you talk to the dead, you’re really talking to yourself anyway. Gives that serene feeling. Marvel at the tombs of the Tobacco Lords, the dimensions of which eclipse the size of some of the flats I’ve lived in.’
Stevie Jackson
50 Cathedral Square (H3), 0141 287 5108, open daily 7am-late, free entry.


‘I’m not one for collecting stuff these days. I’m getting too old. I can’t stand the clutter! But when I feel like it, I can go down to Relics and be surrounded by a bewildering array of ‘stuff’. To me, it’s like a history lesson, a tutorial in design.’
Stuart Murdoch
Dowanside Lane, 0141 341 0007, open daily 11am-6pm, Sun 1-6pm.


‘Not to be confused with the Queen’s Park Cafe across the road, which is actually a boozer, the Queen’s Cafe sells all your usual chippy gear as well as the ice cream I’m enjoying here, which I think is made on the premises. Fiona [Chris’ partner] is a big fan. She grew up on the southside of Glasgow so I think she was quite pleased we’ve ended up back within a short stroll of here. If you’re after something a bit healthier there’s a farmer’s market twice a month at the entrance to the park just down the road.’
Chris Geddes

Queen’s Cafe, 515-517 Victoria Road, 0141 423 2409, open daily 9.30am-10.30pm.


‘Whilst not particularly nostalgic for any time gone by either experienced or imagined, living in Glasgow with its defunct chimney stacks, cranes, disused railway lines and occasional cobbled streets, gives a feeling of the past and the present co-existing at exactly the same time. A visit to the Glasgow Transport museum has a way of intensifying that feeling.’
Stevie Jackson
1 Bunhouse Road (B3), 0141 287 2720, Mon-Thu & Sat 10am-5pm, Fri & Sun 11am-5pm,, free entry.

Glasgow in their lyrics

As one of Glasgow’s definitive bands, the spirit of the city rings through Belle and Sebastian’s music. We've tracked down Glasgow’s cameo appearances in their lyrics.

‘Sukie was the kid, she liked to hang out at the Art School / She didn’t enrol, but she wiped the floor with all the arseholes’ from ‘Sukie In The Graveyard’
Glasgow School of Art is never far from the heart of the city’s cultural life, not least because Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s 1896 design of a new GSA building (still there) launched his career. It also houses a student union and a public art gallery. In its environs, many fine young bands are forming even as you read this.
Glasgow School of Art (E2), 167 Renfrew Street, 0141 332 0691,

‘Emma tried to run away / I followed her across the city / She went out to the Easterhouse / Because she liked the sound of it’ from ‘This Is Just A Modern Rock Song’
Easterhouse is a post-war housing suburb to the north east of the city, whose name has long been associated with deprivation and social problems. However, regeneration packages and the Glasgow Fort retail park have seen a recent improvement.

‘Nice day for a jam / The Fall, Manfred Mann / Dance party, summer lasts forever / When the band’s together and Bobby drank too much and fell in the Clyde’ from ‘Nice Day For A Sulk’
Running through the heart of the city and formerly key to Glasgow’s once-vital shipbuilding industry, the Clyde is the UK’s eighth longest river. The Ferry, a floating music venue, is moored just next to the Kingston Bridge.
The Ferry (B4), 25 Anderston Quay, 01698 360 085,

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