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  • The Midgie
  • 1 October 2008

The best of the Scottish web

Glasgow has many delights for those that wander off the beaten track, but not even the most intrepid wanderer would expect to find the Brooklyn bridge, the Kremlin and Tokyo city in the town centre.Watch Billy Connelly’s Bullshit Tour of Scotland though, and those are exactly what you’ll find.The work of Scottish comic Des MacLean, the YouTube snippets parody the Big Yin’s (Connolly’s affectionate nickname) over-excited television tours in which he travels around countries, stopping to sentimentally point out his old scout camp, share a corny tale or enthusiastically ramble on about an obscure tourist attraction, emoting about how ‘brilliant’ everything is.

Dressed in a mangy wig, Maclean’s Billy Connelly finds the whole world in Glasgow.‘This is the most stunning erection you’ll ever see,’ he says, standing by a pedestrian bridge across the Clyde.‘It’s the Brooklyn Bridge, built in 1927, by Kate Bush, who used to be in Motorhead.’ Standing in George Square, by the Glasgow City Chambers, he points out,‘The Kremlin, built by Roman Polanski and Rasputin with their bare hands. Rasputin also built the first Russian Greggs the bakers and it takes eight weeks for the average person to save up for a softie with prawns. This is a frightening day for us all.’

A council estate is turned into Japan; a Chinese supermarket becomes China itself. Hilarious, ribald and irreverent, the Bullshit Tour of Scotland is a great way to get an understanding of the famous ‘Glasgow banter’, the city’s notorious tendency to take the piss out of anyone and anything.

Des McLean - Billy Connolly's Bullshit Tour of Scotland

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