Glasvegas - Glasvegas

Glasvegas - Glasvegas

Glasvegas like to tell stories. Their self-titled debut CD is a little circular storybook, filled with distinctly Scottish tales of city living and working class heroes. Album opener ‘Flowers and Football Tops’ is a tender tribute to the murder of a Glaswegian teenager and an example of the emotional dexterity of this band. Hit single ‘Daddy’s Gone’ flexes a similar emotional muscle, with its sad little refrain of an absent father; ‘how you’re my hero, how you’re never here though’.

There is something about lead singer James Allan’s deep Scottish brogue that makes sad lyrics sound positively heartbreaking. But for all this, it is actually an uplifting record – full of singalong lyrics and huge rollicking walls of bass, guitar and drums. ‘Go Square Go’ is an eye-of-the-tiger tune for a pumped up, loose-tongued generation; with its anthemic ‘here we fucking go’ chant. It’s a pre-requisite that you listen loud and sing along in your finest Scottish accent.


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