A long-standing Glasgow institution, Sleazy’s can boast great food, great bands and the best jukebox this side of New York reckons David Pollock.

'There are so few bars that you can go into and know you’re going to hear good music,’ says Nice‘n’Sleazy’s music booker Mig. ‘Most of them just have a chart CD behind the bar, but when we first got a jukebox we told the company we didn’t want any of their CDs and put all our favourites in instead.

We haven’t looked back since, and Sleazy’s jukebox has become a teaching tool for each new generation coming to Glasgow. I do that narcissistic thing of Googling the pub’s name every so often, and when I do I see people from New York to Paris to Sydney commenting on it. It’s quite heartwarming, really.’

This isn’t just salesmanship or hyperbole. Nice‘n’Sleazy (or Sleazy’s) sits dark-fronted and relatively unassuming amidst the chaotic bustle of Sauchiehall Street at night, but its reputation as the home of alternative music in Glasgow is long-standing. The city has many fine pubs, clubs and gig venues that aspire to similar levels of cool, but it’s Nice’n’Sleazy’s attractiveness to the credible indie crowd, regardless of who else is there, that puts it ahead of the rest.

Yet Sleazy’s is so much more than a scenester den. It’s also, quite simply, a first-class place to drink and hang out with mates at any time of the week. Its recent renovation has done nothing to wipe out the charming lived-in, American diner feel that allows it to remain ever so coolly out of step amidst the style-bar milieu of Sauchiehall Street. They serve food from lunchtime until 9pm - hearty hangover cures like nachos, burritos, burgers and beans on toast

- and there are intimate but always well-attended gigs and club nights in the basement bar.

‘The focus of Sleazy’s is always the music,’ says Mig, ‘so it attracts a lot of musicians, and a chicken and egg situation starts. It’s a community-based place where everyone helps each other out and goes to see one another’s gigs, and a lot of people who start coming here to drink often end up in bands themselves almost by accident.’

421 Sauchiehall Street (E2), 0141 333 0900, Mon-Wed 12.30pm-1am, Thu-Sun 12.30pm-3am, food served Mon-Sun 12.30am-9pm,


421 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3LG

Atmospheric and distinctive late-night bar offering a great lineup of gigs and club nights, bargain drinks and eclectic food offerings.

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