Clubbing Hitlist

  • The Midgie
  • 1 October 2008
Clubbing Hitlist

The Sub Club

Sub Club

Alongside the Arches,‘the Subbie’ is the other definitive fixture of Glasgow’s club scene. In many ways it’s the opposite of its much larger counterpart.The place is a sleek, atmospherically compact venue that plays host to some huge weekly nights, particularly Saturday’s Subculture and Sunday’s Optimo.

22 Jamaica Street, 0141 221 1177,

The Garage

The very definition of cheap and cheerful on the Glasgow scene, the Garage is famous as quite possibly the city’s premier student venue. Late club nights are held every night of the week and only cater to the most mainstream of tastes, although the venue’s allure lies in the fact that it can be relied upon to provide a party whenever one is needed. Just look for the big yellow truck jutting out above the doorway.

490 Sauchiehall Street (D2), 0141 332 1120,

Glasgow School of Art

As the home of artists like Franz Ferdinand and Belle & Sebastian, Glasgow might be viewed as a home-away-from-home for art school bands and their friends.This is where the magic happens, or at least where the city’s enclave of stylish and tuned-in art students go to dance.The large two-level union holds many fine nights dedicated to techno, dubstep and electro, amongst other cutting edge genres.

168 Renfrew Street (E2), 0141 353 4530,


A rather typical, centrally-located pub most of the time, this venue is closed off for the occasional first-class monthly techno party, such as Bleep or Sunday Circus.When these all-day events are on, the secluded courtyard area downstairs turns into a heaving al fresco dancefloor.

84 West Nile St (F3), 0141 353 3414.


Like the Garage for rock, metal and emo kids (the two venues share the same owner), the Cathouse takes its sister venue’s regime of cheap drinks, almost continual club nights and regular live music, but paints it black.

15 Union Street (E4), 0141 248 6606,


A relatively recent addition to the scene, the ABC’s old cinema frontage hides a huge venue within. Regularly used for gigs by big touring bands, the main ABC also hosts indie club events on the week’s busier nights and sports the biggest mirrorball in Scotland.The main space is complemented by the adjoining Polar Bar (which is only accessed through the venue) and the more intimate ABC2 downstairs.

300 Sauchiehall Street (E3), 0141 332 2232,


A cosy little pub situated on a nondescript corner close to Central Station, the Admiral’s basement plays host to some great club nights, of which regulars Kaput!, Pretty Ugly and Melting Pot tend to be the wildest and sweatiest. For similar small-venue action, look out for for anything happening at Blackfriars basement, the Twisted Wheel or the Brunswick Hotel.

72a Waterloo Street (F4), 0141 221 7705,


Where the beautiful people hang out, quite frankly, combining a mixture of crowd-pleasing R’n’B, house and mainstream indie sounds with a bit of polish.

51 West Regent Street (F3), 0141 332 1067/8,

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