Just what is a Midgie anyway?

Just what is a Midgie anyway?

Jonny Ensall

For those who have recently arrived in Scotland - as opposed to residents who know these blood-sucking terrors all too well - the midgie (or midge) is a small biting insect that swarms across the Scottish countryside, delivering sharp nips to anyone bold enough to venture into their territory on a warm day. It’s a distant relative of the mosquito, but whereas its larger cousin will take your blood in one easy transaction, midgies like to come back for more, and will cluster around your head on a hot day, bothering you with dozens of tiny, irritating bites.

Yes, they’re pernicious little creatures, but if you stay here for a few months or years you might find yourself developing an acquired taste for them. After all, midgies are synonymous with the Scottish countryside - the mountains, glens and lochs that, for many travellers, are Scotland’s most appealing quality.

So, rather than complaining, we’ve decided to embrace the humble midgie as the mascot for this magazine. This, our first issue, is dedicated to you, midgie – we salute your love of this country and share in your spirit of frenzied activity and swarming enthusiasm.

Like our eponymous insect hero, The Midgie magazine aims to get deep under the traveller’s skin, providing better ideas and more relevant information for travellers than is available in any other publication or guide book. We stand alone because we are completely independent, ensuring you get well researched and impartial advice from our team on every subject. We also have a website, www.themidgie.com, containing far more information than we can fit in the magazine, all written by highly knowledgable people with a passion for travel and for Scotland.

We’d love to get your thoughts on this first issue, so get in touch at with any feedback.

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