Pete Wentz's critical child

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  • 22 September 2008

Pete Wentz's critical child

Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz is worried about what his unborn baby will think of his music

Pete Wentz is worried his baby won't like his music.

The Fall Out Boy rocker - whose wife Ashlee Simpson is due to give birth in October - is currently in the studio working on the band's third album and says the record is bringing extra pressure because he wants his impending new arrival to like his songs.

He said: "This is the first record we've made that I'll be able to play for my baby. That's a lot more pressure than whatever my record label thinks of it."

Although his wife is also a pop star, Pete has ruled out ever collaborating with Ashlee.

He added: "We try to keep those parts of our lives very separate.

"We try to be sounding boards, but right now we're both in a time of our lives where it's important to do it alone - neither of us want to become a footnote in the other one's career.

"Besides, I think the last thing she's thinking about right now is the new Fall Out Boy record!"

Fall Out Boy's next album, 'Folie a Deux', is due for release in November.

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