Generous friend Eva Mendes

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 September 2008
Eva Mendes

Generous friend Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes insists on paying when she goes out with friends, and likes to introduce them to new dining experiences

Eva Mendes insists on paying when she goes out with friends.

'The Women' actress enjoys treating her friends when they spend time together, especially as it gives her the opportunity to introduce them to new experiences.

She said: "My top night out would be to take my girlfriends out. I love to go out to dinner, and introduce friends to things that we normally wouldn't do. Like frequent a certain place they've never been, or ever had a certain type of cuisine.

"And I really like to take it upon myself to treat them. I love to treat people! I didn't know this about myself until recently."

Eva, 34, recently revealed she always goes for intelligent men because she thinks she "lacks brains".

She said: "Brains are the most important thing to me, because I feel I lack them. I want them from the man I am with. I love a well-read man - that is such a turn on. I think it's because I am not as well-read as I'd like to be."

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