James Morrison lacks lullabies

James Morrison's baby daughter Elsie doesn't like listening to his singing

James Morrison

James Morrison lacks lullabies

James Morrison's baby doesn't like his singing.

The 'Wonderful World' singer - whose girlfriend recently gave birth to their first child together, daughter Elsie - says the tot is unimpressed with his vocal skills.

He said: "I sing her to sleep, but she cries a lot of the time, she's like 'Waaaa!' and I'm going, 'Don't cry baby.' I don't sing my own songs to her though, there's plenty of time for that."

Although Elsie is unimpressed with her father's musical talents, James has learned a new skill from her.

He said: "I taught myself nappies, I'm pretty proud of my nappy changing skills actually."

James also revealed his new material was inspired by his impending fatherhood - even though he vowed to keep the experience private.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I didn't really know how I was going to deal with it, I wanted to it be a private thing but I got so excited by it, I couldn't help writing about it all."

The singer insisted he had no input in the naming of his daughter, but is pleased with his girlfriend's choice.

He added: "My girlfriend was just saying, 'I want to call her Elsie', so I just said, 'Whatever.' It's a classic name as well, I think it will see her through until she's an old lady."


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