Eminem attacked by mother

Eminem has been branded a liar by his mother Debbie Nelson


Eminem attacked by mother

Eminem has been branded a liar by his mother.

Debbie Nelson claims the image her son - real name Marshall Mathers -painted of her being a bad parent addicted to medication, living off welfare and neglectful of her youngest child is wholly untrue.

In her new memoir 'My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem', Debbie says: "At first I went along with it for Marshall's sake - if I made one mistake as a mother, it was giving in to my eldest son's every whim."

Debbie added the pair were very close when he was a child, and claims he told her he negatively portrayed her because "the fouler he was, the more the audience loved him".

She explains: "He never knew his father and I did all I could to make up for it. I wasn't happy when he made up a whole new life for himself - what mother wants to be known as a pill-popping alcoholic who lives on welfare?

"To tell the truth, I was heartbroken. The lies started coming thick and fast - and not just from Marshall. I think he's forgotten the good times we had, and this book is my way of setting the record straight."

Eminem has attacked his mother in a number of songs, including his first hit single 'My Name Is' which included the scathing line: "99 per cent of my life I was lied to/ I just found out my mom does more dope than I do."


The hip hop superstar heads back into stadiums to please his legions of fans.


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