Naomi Campbell to retire?

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  • 18 September 2008

Naomi Campbell to retire?

British supermodel Naomi Campbell has revealed she is considering retiring

Naomi Campbell is considering retiring.

The British supermodel has always felt reluctant to give up her career because there are so few black women in the industry, but has thought about quitting more since designers at New York Fashion Week used beauties of all races to showcase their creations.

She said: "This time the designers and editors have stepped it up. I feel positive. That means I can go soon.

"My gut instinct is to get women of colour out there whether I'm still in fashion or not. I'll be very happy when I'm 55 years old to pick up a magazine and see a lovely spread with a black woman. Then I'll know I didn't work for all these years only to see it go backwards."

Despite what she perceives to be a changing attitude, the 38-year-old supermodel hopes it is more than a passing trend.

She added: "The recent issue of Italian Vogue magazine where they only used black models shouldn't make it briefly fashionable to be black and then unfashionable again."

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