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Join the fight for a better world by taking part in St Andrew's Fair Saturday

Join the fight for a better world by taking part in St Andrew's Fair Saturday

St Andrew's Fair Saturday programme launch event, Summerhall, 2019 / Picture: Pablo Martin

Soak up some culture or show everyone what you can do, while supporting social causes

Created in reaction to the consumerist frenzy of Black Friday, Fair Saturday is an inspirational initiative founded in 2015 in Bilbao, Spain, which envisages a better, kinder world. Since then, it has grown and grown, mobilising people across the globe to create a positive social impact through an annual, end of November festival of arts and culture.

St Andrew's Fair Saturday is Scotland's contribution to this impressive international effort. Now on its fourth edition, celebrations this year take place from Friday 26 to Tuesday 30 November (St Andrew's Day), both in-person and online, with the safety of audiences and participants a priority and exact arrangements dependent on circumstances at the time. Proudly existing at the forefront of the Fair Saturday movement, it is also a key component of a co-ordinated national drive to boost social inclusion, fairness and sharing, inspired by Scotland's national day.

Join the fight for a better world by taking part in St Andrew's Fair Saturday

Fair Saturday at the Botanic Cottage, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2018 / Picture: Iñaki del Olmo

To help make this year's event a success and keep building on the festival's experience and momentum, they need you to get involved. Whether you're an artist or part of a cultural organisation and want a global platform for your work, or run a venue that can host events, or have something already planned that you're keen to be included, the St Andrew's Fair Saturday team want to hear from you.

Charities are encouraged to participate to raise awareness of their work and help spread their messages far and wide, while cities, local authorities, businesses and media organisations can do their bit by championing and supporting their local cultural ecosystem. A volunteer army is also needed to help manage and realise events to their full potential, while audiences will be essential to ensure things go off with a bang.

Join the fight for a better world by taking part in St Andrew's Fair Saturday

Family Ceilidh, Scottish Storytelling Centre, 2018 / Picture: Iñaki del Olmo

Jordi Albareda, founder of the Fair Saturday Foundation, explains more about the event's ethos, 'Without the work, inspiration and sensitivity of artists, venues and cultural organisations we would not be able to create the societies of the future that we need. It is time to create the new, to show that it is possible to get up as a collective. We must succeed in taking a step further, with culture as a means of ensuring social cohesion, sharing, empathy and equality. We find ourselves in one of the best places to launch Fair Saturday. We are honoured to be able to work with the Scottish Government and BEMIS Scotland as key supporters on this exciting and enriching journey.'

This year there is the chance for events and communities all across Scotland to get stuck in, and for people to come back together, where possible, to re-establish social bonds, share what inspires and concerns you, express yourselves creatively, and change things for the better. For those unable to attend in person, who join in online, this represents an exciting opportunity to be part of something incredible and connect with people across the world.

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