Emma Thompson tells Greg Wise to 'try pregnancy' when Strictly gets tough

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 October 2021
Greg Wise

Greg Wise

Actress Emma Watson seems to have no sympathy for husband Greg Wise as he finds taking part in Strictly tough work

Emma Thompson tells Greg Wise to 'try pregnancy' when he complains that 'Strictly' is getting tough.

The 'Sense and Sensibility' actor, 55, is currently competing in the 19th series of 'Strictly Come Dancing' and daughter Gaia seemed to hint that mum Emma Thompson has no sympathy when he complains of the hard work.

She told The Sun: "I think everyone finds it harder than expected. But if he complains, mu mum normally comes back with, 'Oh you think that's hard? How about trying pregnancy?"

The 21-year-old acttress went on to tell how her dad – who is normally fit and healthy -- is following a low carb diet in order to stay trim on the dancefloor.

She said: "Dad's always been incredibly fit because when we are in Scotland he's constantly on the land and working on the land, so he's very fit. He's avoiding heavy carbs, but apart from that he's trying to enjoy the experience as much as he can."

Gaia also told The Sun of how her dad's decision to take part in this year's series of the Saturday night favourite was a tribute to his late sister Clare, who died from bone cancer in 2016.

Gaia said: "My dad is doing 'Strictly for my auntie. She loved disco and she loved Strictly and she was a huge part of my life, and my dad's life, so he's doing it for her. She had a glitterball coffin which she was cremated in and she went in to 'Staying Alive' by The Bee Gees.