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Heights Smart Supplements review: 'It freed me from my mid-afternoon slump'

Heights Supplements review: 'It freed me from my mid-afternoon slump'

We sample Height Smart Supplements to see if it gives us some extra pep

This past month, for the first time since turning plant-based, I've felt like I've got all the nutrients I need. Knee-deep into a Heights Smart Supplement subscription, I'm enjoying something that few 31 year olds with a demanding job and a thriving post-pandemic social life can claim to have – energy, and plenty of it.

In an increasingly health conscious world, there are more supplements on offer than you can wrap your head around. Let's be honest, most are overly-expensive junk, packing a punch on your wallet and doing nothing more than wasting your time.

Yet I've found myself experimenting with supplements for years since deciding to go plant-based. In dire need of a vitamin B12 fix, a non-fish-based Omega 3 substitute and – particularly after covid – a hearty dose of vitamin D, the monthly bill for my supplements was growing exponentially.

What's worse, these capsules still weren't providing me with the nutrition I craved. Despite quaffing three supplements of varying quality with my breakfast, I remained slow, tired and sluggish throughout my day.

It was with a certain reluctance, then, that I agreed to review Heights, a 'brain health' supplement crammed with 20 vitamins and minerals to help with focus, energy, mood and all-round wellbeing. I've been burnt by supplements before. Would this all-in-one package really do what others don't and make a positive difference to my health?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes. The Heights brand is recommended by Stephen Fry for good reason. Fry says, 'I hope I'm smart enough to know that excessive claims are silly, but I can certainly say with all truth that taking Heights has coincided with me feeling uncommonly fresh, perky, and lively in the mind. I'm a huge fan of it!' As the Heights team are keen to point out, Fry doesn't take a fee for the support he offers. He simply loves the product.

Heights Supplements review: 'It freed me from my mid-afternoon slump'

Fry's enthusiastic response might have something to do with the positive effects Heights has had on himself and many others. The information sent to me on the product suggests that within two months of using Heights daily I could experience a slight improvement in memory and concentration, increased energy and a replenishment of low nutrient levels. After seven months I'd enjoy lower cholesterol, improved resilience to stress, reduced risk of age-related disease and much more. As a regularly stressed ball of tiredness, I couldn't wait to give it a go.

Then came my first morning with the supplement. I downed two of the golden capsules with a glass of water and unexpectedly discovered that the algae oil and blueberry extract gives Heights a unique aftertaste which takes a few days to get used to. On top of this, my urine turned a somewhat alarming shade of yellow after my first dose, however the Heights website ensured me that this was the vitamin B2 (riboflavin) working its magic, and is no different to chowing down on a helping of B2-rich asparagus.

As you'd expect from any supplement, there was no tangible effect on my energy levels on day one. But by day five or six, after routinely taking two capsules every morning, I was a little livelier than usual. Having long ago given up on the idea of finding a decent, cost effective and vegan source of omega 3 in my diet, my body must have been loving soaking up the good stuff I had deprived it of for so long. The two nutrients that vegans are most lacking – omega 3 and vitamin B12 – are well served with Heights. The supplement sources both EPA and DHA Omega 3 from algae oil, and provides you with 1000% of your nutrient reference value of vitamin B12.

After two weeks of using Heights, the boost in my energy levels became more discernible. My usual afternoon slump, during which I'd move onto my fifth cup of coffee for the day, was fading. Like any uptick in my health, it happened almost without me noticing. Getting out of bed was less of a struggle, the stress of my workload was diminished and the sluggish trudge of daily tiredness was lifting.

Not everyone will have the same experience with a supplement, but for a plant-based diet like mine it felt like a godsend. Previously I thought I was doing a good job of packing as many nutrients into my diet as I could, but the dramatic gear shift in my energy levels on Heights proves that I was still lacking where it counts.

I'm with Fry – I'm a huge fan of it.

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