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  • 18 September 2008

Although billed as a theatre festival, the Arches’ annual celebration of performers who are ‘determined to subvert and surprise’ is just as likely to delight art-lovers, many of the events crossing the boundary between performance and installation. One such is Be Water (pictured), Tue 23–Fri 26 Sep, which combines images by Rosalind Masson, movement by Vera Tussing, drawings Andrew MacDonald and music JS Rafaeli to create ‘a place where the world of imagination and reality meet’.

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Scratch Night

Join well known and up-and-coming performers as they get ten minutes each to try out new ideas in front of an audience and seek feedback. 'Part of Arches Live!'.


A series of playful predictions about how you're going to die. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

Foot Washing For the Sole

Adrian Howells - out of drag - offers to wash your feet as theatre therapy in a one-on-one encounter. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'

Lost Property

New theatre work about the missing object people leave behind them, by Sacha Kyle. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'

La Voix Humaine (The Human Voice)

Theatrical installation originally created by Jean Cocteau but tailored to the unique qualities of the Arches - a mini-tragedy played out without actors. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.


Megan Barker and Neil Docherty, the team behind last year's Traverse Fringe hit 'Pit', have created a dark, complex fusion of fantasy and realism that dances around the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'

Chronicles of Irania

One-woman show set in a transfigured, mystical Iran.

Violent Night

A 'perverted carnival' set amid the violence, debauchery, loneliness and repetition of the modern British city, looking at that very British ideal of 'living for the weekend'. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'

Be Water

A world where imagination meets reality in this collaborative piece mixing images, movement, drawing and music form Rosalind Masson, Vera Tussing, Andrew MacDonald and JS Rafaeli. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

The Past Drop

One man show from Murray Wason looking at frustration, aggression and rage. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.


Award-winning performance triptych from Nic Green and her company, questioning what it is to be a young woman in today's society. 'Part of the IETM Biannual Plenary'.


Dudendance take their inspiration from NASA, sci-fi, Manga, '2001', Looney Toons and the music of Sammy Davis Jr. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

Quantum Physical

A unique social networking experience, give your name, date and place of birth and your mobile number and you will receive a text message with 'further instructions (click on 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

I Samba

Julia Taudevin directs TamaRiki's first play about death, departure lounges and goldfish. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

A Slice of Salvation

Horror and absurdity from Molly & Me as bizarre stories are played out through song and dance. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

The Hair on My Head is Dead

A series of performed installations by Ginger Cuinn. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

Equal & Opposite

Gary McNair's play examines the possibility of parallel universes. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.


A mix of performance, video, projection and sound from visual artist Greg Grant and musician/writer Iain Campbell. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

Adrian Howells: Risk & Vulnerability

Panel discussion on risk taking work across all performance disciplines. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

The Last Drop

One man show from Murray Wason looking at frustration, aggression and rage. 'Part of Arches LIVE!'.

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