Keith Ingham: Urban Echoes (3 stars)

Collins Gallery, Glasgow, until Sat 27 Sep


As the title implies, Urban Echoes focuses on representations of the city environment. An experienced photographer, Keith Ingham has explored this well-worn theme through images taken both locally and internationally, using the established photographic genres of abstract and street photography.

Consisting mostly of digital prints, but also including a slide-show film accompanied by audio sounds of the city, and an installation featuring photographs of an abandoned take-away and a buzzing neon sign apparently taken from the shop, the exhibition features some strong image-making.

There are several outstanding abstract works here, including ‘Sale, Buchanan Street’, which manages to transform the exhausting bustle of an evening’s sale shopping into an image consisting of gorgeous concentric swirls of neon and blurred movement. Ingham betrays a talent for creating night-time images and makes vibrant use of the available light. The exhibition’s mixture of small and large prints is sometimes a little perplexing (the large-scale prints can be too pixelated close up) but in this case, the large print does the image justice.

There are also some beautifully composed architectural shots of Glasgow and its surrounds, which dwell on the once fine, now abandoned buildings that can be found in many areas of the city, often depicted against a dramatic brooding sky. Examples of Ingham’s street photography can be a little hit and miss, but this is a very difficult type of photography to master. That said, occasional gems such as ‘Near Beijing’ are definitely worth a look.

Urban Echoes

  • 3 stars

A series of digital images by the Glasgow-based photographer inspired by the people and urban landscape of Mumbai.

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