Jeremy Paxman hates 'unpredictability' of Parkinson's

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 September 2021
Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman has revealed how his health can change on a daily basis

Jeremy Paxman hates the "unpredictability" of Parkinson's disease.

The 71-year-old broadcaster revealed he'd been diagnosed with the degenerative disorder earlier this year, and Jeremy admitted that his health differs dramatically from day to day.

He explained: "It’s not like someone’s chopping your arm or leg off, so you have time to adapt.

"It’s the unpredictability that gets me. Sometimes you feel awake, sometimes you feel asleep, and how you are today is no guide to how you will be tomorrow. It’s really annoying. I find myself very tired a lot of the time.

"Parkinson’s is incurable, so you’re stuck with it. And that is hard. Very hard to know you’re not going to get better. You hope you will, but you don’t."

Jeremy actually knew he had a serious issue before he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

However, he was still in a state of disbelief when his doctor delivered the news.

He told the Sunday Times newspaper: "I kept falling over. I blamed the dog getting under my feet, but after the last time I went down, straight on my face, it was a real mess – black eyes, cuts and blood everywhere – and I thought, ‘This isn’t right.’

"The doctor said, 'You’ve got Parkinson’s.' It had never occurred to me. I thought, 'Parkinson’s what?'"

Jeremy has been dealing with his diagnosis amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the veteran broadcaster admits he's been bored "as hell" over the last year.

Asked about his lockdown experience, Jeremy replied: "Boring as hell. I got up to Scotland for a week, but otherwise I’ve been locked up in my flat [in Kensington, west London]. I started off writing a book about the Civil War but I abandoned it halfway through."