Heartbreak - Lies (5 stars)

Heartbreak - Lies



Heartbreak, where have you been all my life? It seems only fair to point out – before excessive scenester fawning turns the increasingly resurgent Italo disco sound into a mutated make-believe genre of new rave proportions – that this pair are pretty special.

Comprised of British producer Ali Renault and Argentinean singer Sebastian Muravchik, the duo look like continental playboys from 1983 and make music which sounds like the Scissor Sisters as produced by Giorgio Moroder. From the posing pouch high camp of ‘We’re Back’ to the retro dynamism of ‘Give Me Action’ and the austere delight which runs through ‘Regret’ and ‘Soul Transplant’, every track is a mini pop classic and a dancefloor stormer in one.

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