Andy Zaltzman


1 In 1999, Andy Zaltzman’s fledgling comedy career took off in a big way when he reached the final of So You Think You’re Funny. Also nominated that year were Josie Long and Russell Howard while the winner was David O’Doherty.

2 Two years later he was the support for Joan Rivers at her Edinburgh Festival Theatre run while he simultaneously launched his own debut hour, Andy Zaltzman Versus the Dog of Doom.

3 With long-standing political comedy pal John Oliver, he has given us shows with clever titles such as Erm, It’s About the World . . . I Think You’d Better Sit Down and John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman Issue a List of Demands and Await Your Response with Interest. We have no reason to believe that the pair are not still on speaking terms despite Oliver jetting off to America last August to appear on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show leaving Zaltzman behind to perform alone. Sniff.

4 Not one to sell his soul to the television devil, his only credited appearance on the box is in the BBC4 grammar game, Never Mind the Full Stops.

5 He looks absolutely nothing like Art Garfunkel.

The Pleasance, Edinburgh, Tue 27 Feb.

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