Lords of Bastard - Lords of Bastard (3 stars)

Lords of Bastard - Lords of Bastard



Some people just know how to say the right things and this trio of Edinburgh bams got two stars for the top name and the sticker on the CD case alone declaring ‘ … if you like albums, then this might be for you …’ Maybe ‘if you like The Melvins, The Stupids and Thin Lizzy…’ might have been more truthful but perhaps not as genial and inclusive.

But quality packaging aside, Lords of Bastard’s unholy rumble is equal parts bludgeon and groove, swollen riffs swaying like a hairy mammoth’s enormous scrotal sack. They allow their guitars to twist, turn, build without too much extraneous and potentially off-putting vocal gymnastics and crunch through a debut set that is brutal, silly and deeply satisfying, often in the same song. This might seem two-dimensional by some people’s dim standards, and the production is deliberately primitive but that’s sort of the point, no? A heraldic success.