Manda Rin - My DNA (3 stars)

Manda Rin - My DNA



After 14 years in bands like Data Panik, The Kitchen and most famously Bis, this is the first time Amanda McKinnon has stepped away from the collaborations and released under her own (stage) name – although listening to the album, it sounds like she had Duran Duran and Franz Ferdinand in the studio with her.

‘Typeface’, in particular, comes on like a cross between ‘A View to a Kill’ and ‘I’m Your Villain’, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Across the album the pace is brisk and McKinnon’s voice is almost artificially high-pitched, meaning that a hyper-real air of Kylie also crops up in ‘Love to Hate You’, most notably. Much like Bis, though, this extremely pop-savvy debut will polarise opinions rather than unite them.

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