Twin Atlantic and The Xcerts (3 stars)

Twin Atlantic and The Xcerts

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 3 Sep


Both bands here follow in the wake of Biffy Clyro, and evoke moments of their early racket-making with considerable style. While The Xcerts (who are from Aberdeen and Exeter, collectively) are the poppier proposition of the pair, and have been gathering a lot of good word-of-mouth recommendations as a live band to watch, much of this seems based on singer Murray MacLeod’s angsty charm. They could be big with old-school Manic Street Preachers fans – having actually worked with Manics producer Dave Eringa – but their sound doesn’t seem meaty enough yet to enthral an all-ages crowd.

New King Tut’s Recordings signings Twin Atlantic, on the other hand, are an altogether more textured proposition, although they’re still a bit 2D in their fraught, heads-down rockiness. A little bit Biffy, a little bit Foo Fighters, perhaps quite Idlewild as well, their music and singer Sam McTrusty’s studiedly intense demeanour on stage would transfer well to being played before a festival-sized mosh pit.

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