Gemma Collins 'in love' with Rami Hawash

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 September 2021
Gemma and Rami

Gemma and Rami

Reality star Gemma Collins says she's "in love" with former flame Rami Hawash

Gemma Collins is “in love” with Rami Hawash.

The 40-year-old reality star has declared her feelings for her former fiance, after he joined her on a recent holiday to Cornwall.

Speaking on 'The Gemma Collins Podcast', she said: “Guys, I’m in love. I’ve got a lovely partner and I’m very happy.

“He made his way down on the vacation because obviously he couldn’t cope without me for a few days.

"No, he can cope just fine, he’s got his own business.”

The TV star suggested that her "beautiful" 46-year-old businessman partner – who was engaged to Gemma in 2013 before they split a year later – has won her affections once again by wowing her with his outdoor cooking abilities.

She added: “Rami is the king of the barbecue and I leave the barbecues to him.

"He’s an amazing cook.

“He’s beautiful, he’s absolutely amazing and he loves doing the barbecues, so me and Ram have had a few.”

Last week, Gemma revealed she's reached a stage in life where "she's ready for a baby" .

Gemma – who has been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which can make it more difficult for women to get pregnant – believes next year will be the right time for her and Rami – who already has three-year-old son called Tristan with a former partner – to have a baby.

The outspoken star even suggested it could even be the subject matter of her next reality programme.

She said: "I'm ready for a baby.

"I am going to try next year.

"I'm really excited about it."

"That'll be the next show I do, 'Gemma Collins: Making The Baby'."

"It's not so easy for me to get pregnant.

"But I am ready for it."