5 Things you might not know about - Jenny Eclair

5 Things you might not know about - Jenny Eclair

1 Having left drama school in Manchester, Eclair started her stage career in an ‘alternative cabaret’ outfit called Kathy Lacreme and the Rum Babas. When the act split, she went solo as a punk poet before eventually going all-out on a stand-up career.

2 She once described herself as the ‘least over-achieving of three horribly competitive, rather workaholicky children’: her siblings were both barristers. While Eclair scooped the Perrier Award in 1995, her dad had already pipped her to a high-profile public gong when he received an MBE for services to the Queen’s armed forces.

3 Last year, she appeared in a Food Standards Agency salt ad, which campaigned for us to have less rather than more of the sodium chloridic demon.

4 Her first job was as a life model for students in 1982. Eclair returned to the kitting-off industry in 1997 when she had a part in Steaming, a play set in the dilapidated Turkish baths of a run-down London borough.

5 She has a new co-written book out for Christmas entitled Wendy, an annual for middle-aged women, which pays homage to Jackie. ‘It’s for women of a certain age with love stories, quizzes, problem pages and pin-ups of newsreaders.’

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 28 Sep.

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