Andy C

Andy C

Ram raider

Richie Meldrum looks at the career of drum & bass ambassador Andy C as he gears up for a set at Street Knowledge

You’d be hard pushed to find a DJ bigger than Andy C; in this business he’s the boss, the CEO, of D&B. ‘In my eyes there is no other DJ in the drum & bass industry with the profile that Andy C has,’ explains Street Knowledge DJ/promoter DJ Kid. ‘His outrageous mixing skills and overall crowd control from behind the turntables is more than enough reason for me to have him as my very first guest at my Street Knowledge: Drum & Bass Legends series.’

Like the birth of Christianity, it all started in a barn. Admittedly there was no donkey, and the wise men were perhaps a little thin on the ground, but at this party they didn’t need nativity; they had lights, lasers and a floor full of happy punters. When Andrew was taken to his first rave at the age of 13, there was no going back. From that point on the path was set and Andy C would go on to become a DJ of biblical proportions.

The journey from underage raver to underground legend was tough yet rewarding. As a 16 year-old school leaver, Andy’s business model was refreshingly unconventional. There was no marketing strategy – just a felt tip pen and a grand borrowed from his uncle. Andy used the cash to press some of his own early productions onto dub-plate acetates destined for the boxes of the scenes biggest spinners, his big sister used the felt tip pen to draw the logo for his label, Ram Records. This revolutionary combination became the epicentre of Andy’s own entrepreneurial whirlwind. With tireless ambition and an insatiable appetite for jungle music, he went on to join a select number of DJs including Sasha and Carl Cox as headliners of massive raves taking place up and down the country.

‘I’ve watched Andy’s stature grow by the year and he never fails to impress me,’ adds Kid, ‘I actually come away from gigs knackered from the sheer energy he creates. A true pioneer, the scene would be significantly different without him.’

His energy-packed brand of drum & bass badness has been whipping fans into a frenzy for the last 10 years. He’s played the biggest and best venues around the globe, including helping to shape Fabric into the legend that it has become at FabricLive. Production-wise, he’s up there with the best of them, with tracks including ‘Roll On’ the massive ‘Bodyrock’ and some outstanding collaborations with labelmates Ant Miles and Shimon under their Ram Trilogy guise. His music is full on, fast and furious, big build ups and bigger bass lines and it’s the reason he’s stayed at the top of his game for so long. Big names pull big crowds as Andy enlists the lyrical mastery of MC Wrec and a host of local support at this freshers’ week fiesta offering up the mother of all inductions for the matriculating masses.

‘There is a vibe about this show I’ve not felt for a very long time,’ says Kid, ‘with Andy performing on three decks I think it’s going to one of those night’s that will be talked about for years to come.’

Andy C guests at Street Knowledge, Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 20 Sep.

Street Knowledge

The 'Drum & Bass Legends' series continues in style as Grooverider rocks the Liquid Room, support comes from DJ Kids, DJ Tez and the General.

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