Harry Hill - Tim the Tiny Horse at Large (3 stars)

Harry Hill - Tim the Tiny Horse at Large



You can virtually smell Harry Hill at his keyboard, big collar tickling his neck, tongue flicking in and out (‘hmm, hmm, yeah, hmm?’), eyes blinking maniacally as the ideas bristle through his cranium. There is a chance, of course, that he doesn’t act or dress the way he has done on small screens and stages ever since plunging into our psyches around 1992, but there’s something comforting in the daft illusion.

If ever a comic was born to write kids books, it has to be Dr Matthew Hall and here he fully flexes the slightly naïve, wide-eyed innocent side of his public persona with the next in his Tim the Tiny Horse series. Here the less than gigantic gee-gee becomes best man to his friend Fly, discovers he’s not great with babies (maggots) and suffers a sad loss. Delightful, silly and moving in its own quirky way.

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