Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso (4 stars)

100 Bullets: Decayed (Vertigo/Titan)


Now possibly three-quarters of the way into this cracking crime drama (this tenth volume collects issues 68 through 75 of what’s perhaps going to be a double dead-eye 100), it’s clear just what an enormously impressive feat of writing 100 Bullets is. With a civil war looming between the houses of the Trust (a powerful cabal of families descended from the founding fathers that secretly rules America) and the organisation’s former warlord Agent Graves reactivating his Minutemen enforcers for a reason yet to be revealed, the sheer scope of writer Brian Azzarello’s labyrinthine plotting has become apparent.

Just as impressive is the crystal clear characterisation and razor sharp dialogue, and, in regard to the latter, the wordplay is as smart as anything dreamed up by the hardboiled crime writers Azzarello is certainly inspired by.

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