Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neil, Jesus Redondo & Bryan Talbot (4 stars)

The Complete Nemesis the Warlock Book 1 (Rebellion)


Rebellion continues its gorgeous repackaging of classic 2000AD stories. And Nemesis the Warlock is perhaps one of the greatest stories to ever grace the pages of the erstwhile sci-fi compendium, being a biting satire of racial intolerance and religious fanaticism. Nemesis himself is an alien freedom fighter in a war against oppression brought into effect by Torquemada, a tyrannical despot with his slogan of ‘Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave!’ The concepts at its core are something that has been tackled many times in sci-fi from The Planet of the Apes to X-Men but there’s a shot of adrenaline that Pat Mills brings to these stories that elevate them to another level.

The majority in this digest are illustrated in the frenzied, angular style of Kevin O’Neil, and together they create a fascinating dystopia. O’Neil’s jagged pens at first seem coarse but are constantly fascinating with hidden depths of detail. Nemesis’ world may be brutal and ugly but it’s packed with bizarre ideas and a truly enigmatic central character.

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