Leighton Meester goes pop

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 September 2008
Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester goes pop

'Gossip Girl' actress Leighton Meester is set to release an album, she has revealed

Leighton Meester is set to release an album.

The 'Gossip Girl' star - who plays spoiled teenager Blair Waldorf on the hit US TV show - has started recording her debut LP.

When asked if she was planning to move into music, Leighton replied: "I am, yeah. Technically, yeah I am. I mean, for real this time. I have always done music, just now I am actually doing an album that I plan to release."

Leighton, 22, also said she likes the "creative process" of making music, adding: "It's so cool because it's a completely different creative process.

"From beginning to end it's yours and you make it. You can see the finished product. It's sometimes hard when you're acting to be like, 'Oh, I see the finished product right before my eyes.' So it's cool you're there from start to finish when you are writing."

However, Leighton reassured fans she has no intention of leaving 'Gossip Girl', and is thrilled with the amount of scandal on the show.

She added to US TV show 'Access Hollywood': "There's so much drama it's really crazy. They're just really taking it over the top, like juicy and scandalous because that's 'Gossip Girl'. That's our show."

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