Antony Johnston (3 stars)

Dreams of Inan: Stealing Life (Abaddon)


Antony Johnston

The publishers behind British sci-fi comic 2000AD continue their new imprint Abaddon Books, where prose takes centre stage over the words and pictures of their core title. Abaddon specialises in large scale series’, with multiple writers dipping into each reality for their own take on another world, and in Antony Johnston’s tale, we return to the universe of Inan, where hi-tech and magic exist alongside one another.

Centring on the island city of Azbatha, a pit of crime and depravity, thief Nicco Salarum is hired for a decidedly dubious job that could wipe out his debts for good. Unfortunately, this high profile theft is just the start of his problems as civil war brews in neighbouring Hurrunda. The sometimes simplistic writing and overused narrative tricks are offset by moments of exhilarating action. Nicco’s continual last minute escapes can border on the fantastical even in this world of wizards and entropy blasters, but this is fun, throwaway sci-fi adventure.

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