Madonna's Pope tribute

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  • 8 September 2008

Madonna's Pope tribute

Madonna has upset Catholics by dedicating her song 'Like a Virgin' to the Pope at her concert in Rome, Italy, on Saturday (06.09.08)

Madonna has upset Catholics by dedicating 'Like a Virgin' to the Pope at her concert in Rome on Saturday (06.09.08).

The singer's shock tribute to Pope Benedict XVI, the head of the church, has been labelled "disrespectful" by the Catholic community.

During the show, Madonna - who was brought up in the religion, but now follows the Kabbalah faith - said: "I dedicate this song to the Pope because I'm a child of God. All of you are also children of God."

'Like a Virgin' features racy lyrics, including "like a virgin, touched for the very first time".

Italian papers called the dedication a "surprising provocation".

Madonna's concert, attended by 60,000 fans, was held only a few miles away from the Vatican City - where the pope resides.

It is not the first time Madonna has upset the Catholic Church.

One of her previous tours was branded one of the most "Satanic shows in the history of humanity", after she staged a mock crucifixion during a show in Rome in 2006.

The video for her 1989 single 'Like a Prayer', which featured burning crosses, statues weeping blood and a black Jesus being seduced, caused mass outrage.

The 'Sticky and Sweet' tour continues with stops in Frankfurt, Germany, on September 9 and London, England, on September 11.


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