Liam Gallagher's photo punch

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  • 8 September 2008

Liam Gallagher's photo punch

Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher has warned any paparazzi who take the "p**s" to expect a punch

Liam Gallagher has warned any paparazzi who take the "p**s" to expect a punch.

The wild Oasis rocker, who has assaulted several photographers in the past, still isn't prepared to take any nonsense.

He said: "If any photographer is in my f***ing space then they're going to get a dig! Sometimes they come up too close to me and take the p**s and that's when I react."

Liam, 35, admits he has calmed down a lot since he was in his 20s but insists he doesn't regret any of his previous fights.

The ‘Shock of the Lightning' singer - who famously lost both his front teeth during a brawl in Munich, Germany, in 2002 - said: "I'd do everything the f***ing same. Even the bad times were worth it because I'm still alive. I've got money in the bank, a nice house and my family are f***ing happy. It's all good."

Oasis are preparing to release their seventh studio album ‘Dig Out Your Soul' in October.

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Liam Gallagher

Former Beady Eye front man and the other brother from Oasis.

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Beady Eye

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