Rachel's charity vow

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  • 6 September 2008


Rachel has vowed to donate some of her 'Big Brother' prize money to charity

Rachel has vowed to donate some of her 'Big Brother' prize money to charity. The Welsh beauty was the surprise winner of the show last night, beating her pal Mikey into second place and polling 51.3 per cent of the final vote.

Rachel - who was branded "boring" by many of the other contestants as she refused to bitch or moan - revealed she will split £10,000 of the £100,000 prize between five charities.

She has not decided which ones she will donate to yet, although she did announce one will be a cancer charity and another the Stroke Association.

Speaking about her plans for the rest of the money, she said: "I've not even thought about it. But I do know there are a few debts that need to be paid from being a student.

"I would also like a car that actually goes round a roundabout without breaking down and doesn't have moss in it."

Rachel added she was going to organise a trip to Disneyland, Paris for herself and fellow housemates Darnell, Kathreya and Mikey.

She also said she was looking forward to "making up for lost time" with her rugby player boyfriend Richard, who friends claim is set to ask her to marry him.

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