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  • 6 September 2008


Mikey was the runner-up in 'Big Brother 2009'

Mikey was the runner-up in 'Big Brother 2009'. The foul-mouthed Scot - who had been tipped to win the show - seemed thrilled his friend Rachel had clinched the top spot, and was equally as pleased by the riotous welcome he received from the waiting crowd.

Upon leaving the house, he pulled out Mr Quack Quack - the plastic duck he had used to squirt water at the other contestants while in the house - and doused Davina with water, before deciding to give a full and frank interview to the host.

Speaking about Rachel, he shouted: "I've said from day one that Rachel wasn't a fraud. Even though she stayed on the fence, that was just Rachel."

However, he was not so glowing about Rex, saying: "He spoiled last night by moaning he was bored and wanting more alcohol. I would have preferred Rex not to be in the final week."

Earlier in the evening, Darnell finished in fifth place and revealed he was amazed at the cheers the crowd had given him.

He said: "I've never felt this kind of love in my entire life."

After viewing a montage of his moaning in the house, he laughed: "I'm a little bit embarrassed. I mean, a 26-year-old crying all the time. I think I just need a big-a*s hug or something."

The US rapper refused to be drawn on his relationship with Sara, only saying: "I like to get my cuddle on."

Arrogant chef Rex finished fourth - and exited the house to vicious boos - while sexy Sara came third.

Trying to excuse his behaviour in the house, Rex said: "I live in a kitchen environment. I'm used to being wound up and winding other people up."

Obviously unwilling to let him off the hook, the crowd began chanting "Vegas, Vegas, Vegas" - a reference to newspaper stories which claim he cheated on his girlfriend Nicole while on holiday in Las Vegas, America - during his interview.

Sara seemed overwhelmed by the crowd's cheers when she exited, and went on to reveal she does have feelings for Darnell.

Refusing to accept she had been too flirty with him, Sara said: "I do like Darnell, yes, I do. I'm so confused right now, I don't even know. I guess we'll see."

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