Housemates boo fear

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  • 5 September 2008


The housemates are worried they will be booed tonight

The housemates are worried they will be booed tonight. The 'Big Brother' finalists have spent the majority of the day discussing what it will be like when they exit the house tonight, and have become increasingly obsessed with how the public will react to them.

When Mikey expressed concern the rainy weather might irritate the crowd, Rex said: "They are not going to be happy, so whatever boos you get, you are going to get booed even harder."

Rachel said she was contemplating putting a bin bag over her head to keep her hair dry, Sara said she was worried she might make a fool of herself by tripping over.

Sarcastic Rex told her he hoped she did because it would be funny, before commenting he was looking forward to meeting his fans.

He said: "I can wait to see some of the people who have been supporting me. I feel like I owe them so much."

Mikey bellowed: "It would be so funny on the final night if you went out and there was like 1,000 boos."

Not finding the prospect of being disliked quite as funny as Mikey, Darnell warned the others they should expect a negative reception because lots of people attend evictions purely to jeer.

Rex then turned his attention to Rachel, saying she should expect a terrible reception because she "sits on the fence".

He added if she is one of the first out she will get booed when Davina asks her who she wants to win as she will reply: "I don't know."

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