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  • 5 September 2008


Rex won the Big Brother Taste Challenge today

Rex won the Big Brother Taste Challenge today. Each member of the group had to taste five versions of one type of food, and then guess which variety each of them were.

Rachel went first and was greeted by different types of cheese.

Chef Rex - who Darnell and Sara moaned had an unfair advantage due to his job - had to rate types of Coca Cola, and was adamant he had "smashed" the task.

Mikey was unhappy when he was faced with salt and vinegar crisps, while Sara had the hardest challenge as she had to guess the difference between five types of water.

Darnell was given baked beans, and excitedly informed the group he had enjoyed them so much he ate the whole lot.

He laughed: "Man, I'm going to be on the stage blowing it up!"

Later, Big Brother announced Rachel had guessed one correctly, Sara had guessed none, Darnell scored one while Rex and Mikey both managed three.

The group were then told to choose whether Rex or Mikey should be crowned the overall winner.

After much pleading by the chef, the housemates decided to toss a coin. Luckily for Rex, it declared he had won.

An excitable Rex retreated to the Diary Room to claim his prize, but emerged to tell the group Big Brother had made him take part in a play-off for the prize where he had to taste spreadable cheese.

Later, it was announced Rex' taste test against the Big Brother 'King of Kings' had resulted in a draw.

Big Brother said: "That means Rex and BB King of Kings know their spreadable cheeses. BB undoubtedly has better taste, and is claiming the prize for the King of Kings."

However, deciding to show his kindly side Big Brother then announced the housemates were being allowed the hair dryer, straighteners , a takeaway and some alcohol tonight.

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