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  • 5 September 2008


Rex is desperate for his own cooking show

Rex is desperate for his own cooking show. The arrogant chef - who has previously stated he did not come on 'Big Brother' to secure a food-based television show - admitted he hoped to extend his time in the spotlight during a chat with Mikey today.

Deciding to try starting a chat with Rex, Mikey innocently asked: "Are you gonna get straight back into the restaurant as soon as you can Rex?"

Obviously keen to reveal his plans, Rex began: "No, I'm taking some time out. I'm gonna go away for my birthday in January. I'm gonna take Nicole away for her birthday in December on a shopping spree in New York. And then, after that we're gonna go snowboarding."

Desperate to finish his speech but also keen for a drink, Rex told Mikey to "hang on" while he went to fetch his drink from another room.

Upon his return he continued: "When I get out of here, I'm starting a new restaurant where I'll be back in the kitchen. It'll be a fine dining restaurant. I'd love to do a cooking show around the world. I'd love to do something with TV, you know, food based."

Deciding it was best not to start an argument on the last day in the house, Mikey mumbled: "Anything's possible."

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