• The List
  • 12 February 2007

Arrr, Jim Lad!

Filthy, rum-soaked blaggards prone to shaving people’s chests with rusty razors they might be, but there’s something romantic about pirates, salt air and the lure of the high seas that keeps us Hooked. Robert Louis Stevenson created the granddaddy of them all in duplicitous peg-legged parrot-toter Long John Silver, and this talk, part of One Book, One Edinburgh unravels the historic origins of Silver’s tales of blood and booty, tracing the cut-throat from his first appearance in Daniel Defoe’s account of a sea battle. (Noted pirate impersonator Johnny Depp had not confirmed his attendance at time of going to press.)

National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. Please call 0131 623 3845 to reserve a space. www.cityofliterature.com

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