Rachel's moth chat

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  • 5 September 2008


Rachel chatted to a moth last night because she thought the creature had come to say goodbye to her

Rachel chatted to a moth last night. The Welsh beauty was delighted when the creature - which she had first seen several months ago and which was featured on the episode of 'Big Brother' the group watched earlier in the week - flew into the garden and immediately began talking to it.

Spotting the creature had landed on a plastic flower, she squealed to Sara: "Oooh! He's come to say goodbye! How lucky is that?"

Sara declared: "That's a sign. I don't like moths, but I reckon it's like a sign."

Darnell was less enthusiastic, declaring: "I don't like that guy."

As the rest of the contestants moved into the house, Rachel stayed to talk to the moth.

She said: "I'll miss you, Moth-Moth. What's strange is that you haven't come for weeks and weeks and now you've come to say goodbye.

"I hope you know that's not a real flower. Go fly away. It's a fake flower. It's like, paper... but don't come over here, you're not sucking my blood, not this time."

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