Sara's Darnell flirt

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 September 2008


Sara and Darnell spent their last night in the 'Big Brother' house flirting. The pair have spent much of the last week whispering sweet nothings to each other, cuddling and snuggling up together in bed, and decided to continue the behaviour as the group ate a farewell dinner.

Irritated at Darnell and Sara's sexy behaviour, Rex fumed: "Can you two just get it on instead of playing footsie under the table? You're getting mine by mistake."

Clearly embarrassed Rex had noticed what was going on, a bashful Darnell tried to change the subject, saying: "How you doing, dude?"

Somewhat less embarrassed, Sara said: "Just leave us alone. We'll do whatever comes naturally."

She then claimed she and Darnell were just "friends" and argued nothing would ever happen between them while they were still in the house.

Taking this as a hint something might happen when they leave, the group chorused: "Ooooh!"

The romantic duo spent the rest of the evening entwined in each other's arms, with Sara even cuddling Darnell while he was washing dishes.

Later, she perched in between his legs as the group chatted in the living room.

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