Housemates' celebratory meal

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  • 5 September 2008

Mikey and Sara

The 'Big Brother' contestants shared a three-course meal to celebrate reaching the final last night. The housemates were treated to smoked salmon, lamb steaks and creme brulee, and took the opportunity to share their thoughts about being in the house while they ate.

When asked what he had enjoyed most about the experience, Darnell said: "I definitely feel like I'm where I belong now, know what I'm saying? Being with you guys brought out every emotion in me. On the outside, all I felt was pity for myself.

"All I really wanted to get out of it was reassurance. The reason I can do that is because of you four and the rest of the housemates. If I don't want to be labelled and I want to be respected, how can I label and not respect everyone else. That's the biggest thing I learned."

Rex was just as glowing about his time in the house, saying: "I feel like certain people in the house I've got to know actually better than any of my friends on the outside. I think that's the most amazing experience.

"I'm surprised at myself, because when I came here I wanted to make peace with myself. I became friends with myself in the house."

Rex - who has argued with Mikey on a regular basis - continued: "I could honestly sit here and say that I consider everyone at this table a friend. I would consider you a friend, Mikey."

Mikey replied: "I would now, Rex. Certainly after the last week."

The normally acid-tongued comic also admitted: "I didn't come in here to make friends. Friends take 20, 30 years. That's why I'm surprised I made a friend like Rachel."

Rachel said she had "found a family" in the house and termed her experience "brilliant", while Sara said she was surprised with how much she had "bonded" with everyone.

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