Housemates' exit chat

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 September 2008


The housemates discussed leaving the 'Big Brother' house this afternoon. Earlier today the group discussed the prospect of leaving, with Sara and Rex particularly excited it was their last full day in the house.

Sara enthused: "Oh my god, the final is tomorrow! It's our last day."

Rex punched the air and cried: "Thank God for that! Yes! Thank God for that."

Later, talk turned to who might be waiting to greet the housemates when they leave.

Rex announced: "I'm so happy that tomorrow is the last day. I can't wait to see Nicole."

Cheeky Mikey tried to wind up Rex, saying: "I'm sure she's out spending your money right now Rex."

Ever the voice of reason, Sara added: "The thing is, because she was a housemate, she'll be in the line up."

A worried-sounding Rachel said: "That's gonna be a hard part, waiting on the podium for a few hours before you see your family and friends."

Excitable Mikey chimed in: "Mario and Lisa will be there, Luke and Bex."

Deciding the way forward was to list ex-housemates, Sara commented: "And Dale and Stu."

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