Housemates' doorbell surprise

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 September 2008


The housemates were shocked when a doorbell rang this afternoon. The 'Big Brother' group were lazing around in the living room when the bell sounded, prompting them all to jump up and begin screaming.

Mikey yelled: "Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door!"

Rachel and Sara joined in, shouting: "The doorbell rang! Oh my God!"

Darnell and Rex - who were playing a game of baseball using a stick and some potatoes in the garden - came rushing in to see what the commotion was about.

Rex immediately ran over to the door, only to find an envelope had been pushed underneath.

He read: "Big Brother cordially invites all housemates to a farewell dinner, an evening of fine dining, music and celebration. Dress to impress. Big Brother will give housemates one hour warning prior to dinner being served to prepare for the meal."

All the contestants began screaming, with the girls particularly excited at the prospect of the party.

A delighted Rachel announced: "I'm going to wear my black dress. I'm going to have to put on hairspray tonight now!"

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