Housemates' kitchen mess

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 September 2008


The housemates trashed the kitchen this afternoon. The contestants were taking part in a treasure hunt - which was one of the party games Big Brother had laid on to celebrate their last day in the house - when they were told a toy car had been hidden in the kitchen.

They immediately raced to the room and began searching for the item, with Big Brother letting them know if they were close to discovering the toy or lot.

As Rex started looking on the worktop, Big Brother announced he was "hot".

The rest of the group joined him, with Big Brother adding: "You're so hot it hurts."

Keen to be uncover the item, Mikey began delving into a box of cornflakes.

Darnell followed suit and began picking through some leftover takeaway, while Mikey ditched the cereal in favour of rooting through the bin.

The group initially thought the toy was near the cornflakes, so Mikey began tipping the cereal out of the bag and all over the worktop.

An irate Rex shouted: "Mikey! What are you doing?"

Realising the toy was actually in the takeaway, Darnell and Mikey started tipping the leftovers everywhere.

Putting his hand in some sauce-covered meat, Mikey yelped: "Argh! What was that?"

Sara eventually discovered the car in one of the boxes, but gave it to Rex who seemed delighted with the toy.

Later, the group pondered who would clear up the mess.

Arguing he should not have to do it, Rex fumed: "I wasn't the one throwing food everywhere."

Mikey jokingly replied: "If it wasn't for me we wouldn't have known the car was in the takeaways!"

Rex bitchily replied: "Oh, whatever you say Mikey, whatever you say."

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