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  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 September 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates played party games this afternoon. The group were instructed to wait in the bedroom while Big Brother set up a task, and emerged to find four chairs lined up in the living room.

Big brother announced: "To celebrate the penultimate day in the house, Big Brother would like to play some party games with the house.

"Housemates: are you ready to have some fun?"

Deducing the first game would probably be musical chairs, cunning Mikey noted: "Four chairs, but there is five of us."

As the group warmed up, Darnell warned: "I'm not going to be delicate with you Mikey."

After Rex won the first round - and received some sweets as a prize - the group geared up for the second game.

Mikey was the first out, and complained: "Just like the party games when you were a kid, I was always first out."

The final was a showdown between Sara and Rex, with competitive Sara declaring: "I'm going to win this time."

She managed to beat Rex, and rushed into the Diary Room to claim her prize.

When she came back, a delighted Sara told the others: "Big Brother said, 'You have just mastered the art of musical chairs, nice one Sara.' "

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