Mikey's camera wish

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 September 2008


Mikey wishes his real house had the 'Big Brother' cameras in it. During a lunchtime chat with Rachel today, the moody comic said he has loved being in the house because he likes the idea of his life being documented.

He said: "I wish that, in my house, I had hundreds of cameras following my every move."

The comedian then admitted he found it strange when some of the housemates acted up for the cameras, arguing the point of the show was to follow everyday life to watch people showing off.

He said: "I hate the whole playing up for the cameras, all that carry on. That's why I've not got on with some people here."

Likening the show to famous novel '1984' - which tells the story of a totalitarian government that has its public under constant surveillance - he added he finds it strange that some housemates think they are alone as he is always aware they are being watched by about 70 cameramen and 'Big Brother' staff at any given time.

Mikey also explained he wanted to be on the show because he is a massive fan of it, and he wanted to watch went on from the inside.

He said: "I just like sitting back and having the opportunity to watch 'Big Brother' while being in 'Big Brother'."

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