Cuddley Sara and Darnell

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 September 2008


Sara and Darnell cosied up under a duvet last night. As 'Big Brother' contestant Darnell - who has a crush on the sexy Angelina Jolie lookalike - snuggled under the cover while sitting on the sofa, Sara jumped under the duvet too and then flung her legs over him.

Flirty Sara giggled: "Let's see how long we can stay under here."

Darnell added: "It's getting hot!"

He then decided to turn on the charm by praising her earlier performance in the Rap challenge.

He said: "You were so funny in your rap today."

Sara asked: "Did you think it was funny?"

Keen to impress, Darnell replied: "I thought it was just the cutest thing, your whole look and everything. You just looked like that girl you hang with when you're 15. Like you rode over on your bike and knocked on my door, and my Mom opened the door and you're like, 'Is Darnell there?' "

As Sara gazed at him, he joked: "Dude, hurry up! We've got to go to the skating rink!"

Ignoring him, Sara said: "That was fun doing that."

Taking his flirting up a level, Darnell mumbled: "I love girls with long hair, but when I spoon, all I get is their hair in my face.

Breaking the mood, Rachel then squeaked: "Are you spooning?"

Embarrassed Darnell and Sara leapt up from under the duvet.

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